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£24.99 / month

Virtual Consultation Rooms allowing you to schedule appointments and conduct secure video consultations with patients. Whiteboards, document annotation, 1-click start, no downloads and no frustrations for your patients.

Consultations can be carried out on any device (laptop, tablet, phone) with an Internet connection.

Virtual consulting rooms with secure whiteboard and document annotation

Traditionally when an online meeting ends all the communication is gone. Our system allows you to generate persistent, online meeting rooms for each of your patients. This is of particular use if you are discussing complete treatment plans with patients online, which involves sharing images with them.

All notes, documents, pictures and meeting recordings remain available in your online consultation room.

virtual whiteboard

Remote Patient Consultations

Your online consultation rooms are important points of contact with your patients. Make your own branding and content stand out with our white label system, which allows you to put your brand on every page.

Join the conversation from a mobile, tablet or desktop by clicking on the link emailed to you prior to the appointment.

Automated scheduling and consulting room generation

An easy to use appointments page can be integrated onto your website or sent out via email link. This allows patients to select appointment times and types of appointments that you make available to them.

The system integrates with all major calendar providers (google, office 365, iCloud, etc).

A powerful scheduling system allows you to leave your scheduling on autopilot. It includes appointment type (phone, video, in surgery), appointment time, date, buffer times before or after appointments, automatic timezone detection and more.


Dental Chatbot

Digital Receptionist available 24/7 to help patients and generate new leads


Review Generator

Receive, screen and generate more 5 star reviews, on autopilot



Connect with your patients in secure virtual consultation rooms



Connect with your existing website to automate your workflows

Create a better experience

Streamline patient support, automate patient testimonials and convert more website visitors into registered patients.